Opening up and getting a little personal.

I'm usually a relatively private and closed off person. Even for those people that know me really well, they don't know all sides of me. I don't like to open myself up for fear of backlash I may encounter so I've trained myself, from a young age, to be a chameleon. From friends, to co-workers, even sometimes with my family. I've always tried to make myself fit in and I'm going to tell you, that's really exhausting. So today I'm doing something completely not normal for me. I'm stepping way outside of my comfort zone to make this blog post.

Lately in the book world and the world in general it seems that body shaming has reached an all time high. Maybe the culprit here is social media for making it easier to spread the hate and have it easily reach the masses. But honestly it comes down to the people who spew this hatred. In the book world there have been certain people that have said horrible things against woman including shaming their bodies and telling them to commit suicide. Nothing about that is okay. As a person that has a platform with 5 or 1,000,000 million followers, it's never okay to put down others and bully them.

I've been a victim of body shaming almost every day of my life. It doesn't matter your size, whether big or small, body shaming is not okay. I'm not writing this to have a pity party or for people to lift me up, I'm writing this for awareness. Am I comfortable in my own skin? Not even a little bit. I wish my boobs were bigger. I wish my arms weren't so skinny. I wish I didn't have a thigh gap. I wish my butt was larger. I could continue on but you see the point. You ask anyone on the street and they have at least one thing they would want to change about themselves. Nobody is perfect. What isn't helpful is to constantly tell someone to stop eating and stop being lazy or in my situation to eat a hamburger, steak, whatever you want to fill in with. It's hard thinking you're not good enough but for someone to confirm your fears and tell you to your face or through a computer screen is even worse.

I didn't post these pictures to make anyone feel worse about their bodies to bring truth to something. A friend recently said something and there is 100% truth to it. Being skinny does not equal being healthy. That truth applies to me and my body right now. And it's not because I'm anorexic or have any other kind of eating disorder out there. I eat regularly and for the most part I don't put bad food into my body. But I also don't exercise either. The most exercise I get these days are chasing around a two year old and carrying here up and down the stairs. This is something I need to work on and get better at. But no one else should be allowed to have an opinion on what my body looks like, other than me.

I know that but I shouldn't cringe thinking about the backlash that might come from this post. I can hear the naysayers now telling the skinny bitch to stop complaining and I don't know a thing about body shaming. To anyone that has ever "jokingly" told a skinny person to eat a donut or asked an overweight person if they really need that extra slice of pizza just think how you would feel to have those comments aimed toward you. Not once, not twice, but on a regular basis. It's hurtful and it needs to stop.

If you have a problem with body shaming or have been a victim of it, I would love to hear your story in the comments. Or even just share this post. But I want to spread the word and #StopBodyShaming. It's 2016 and this shouldn't be an issue anymore. Where ever you post, please included #StopBodyShaming.

#Blogging #BodyShaming #StopBodyShaming

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