Finding Flynn

When the drama in your life is crazier than fiction, anyone would want to escape. 

Bookworm Ashtyn is fed up with the immature rich boys who fill her high school. Her parents' marriage is on self-destruct mode. And her sister puts on a facade of perfection. 

Now her mom is running away and dragging Ashtyn with her. Finding herself in the middle of nowhere right before her senior year, she has no qualms about turning anything around. 

A distraction is just what the doctor ordered, and he comes in a tall, dark, and tattooed rocker package. At night, Flynn slings drinks as a bartender. During the day, the success of his band is the only thing on his mind. 

Neither was looking for love, but they can't deny their sizzling attraction. As the summer heats up so does their relationship, but will a secret that Flynn is keeping be enough to tear them apart or is their connection strong enough to withstand anything? 

This is the first book in the contemporary romance Ashland series of interconnected standalones.


"A great debut novel that has a little bit of everything that I love in my romance novels ~ sweet, angsty, sassy, and a hot ass rocker! I can't wait to see what Bishop brings us next." -Erin Noelle, USA Today Bestselling Author
"Finding Flynn was a sweet, slightly sexy, romantic read. I loved the pacing of Ashtyn and Flynn's relationship--it was perfectly appropriate for their ages. The rest of the band members are great characters too--Jax, Hudson, and Jude are like brothers to Flynn; they're his chosen family. Add in the craziness of Chloe, Ashtyn's best friend, and it's an instant party." -Give Me Books Book Blog

"Alexandria Bishop delivers a wonderfully dramatic and angsty young adult romance that will have you wondering where you can find your own Flynn.  A wonderful debut novel for this beautiful author." -Meghan Quinn, Bestselling Author


"This is an endearing book with a super sexy, bad boy rocker as the hero." -BFF Book Blog