Falling for Hudson 

What would you do if you suddenly lost your parents? 

Becoming an orphan right before her senior year is not something Chloe had on her agenda. Neither was moving away from the only home she's ever known. Rather than dealing with her grief she drowns her sorrows in a liquor induced haze and relies heavily on Hudson. The only person who truly has her happiness in mind. 

With his band starting to take off the only thing missing from Hudson's life is someone to share it with. Lost in an internal battle between being the friend Chloe needs and boyfriend she wants his resolve soon weakens when they find themselves locked in their school's auditorium for a long weekend. 

When these friends decide to finally become lovers, could a misunderstanding break their already unstable foundation? Or will they persevere and be exactly what the other needs? 

Falling for Hudson is the second book in the contemporary romance Ashland series of interconnected standalones.


"This was an exciting and emotional read - a great continuation of Alexandria Bishop's Marlowe series." -Anne Carol, Author
"If you want a read that gives you the feels and not just the lovey dovey ones, but the angst ones too, this book is for you." -Read, Love, Repeat
"Falling for Hudson was a real emotional read for me...But I loved every bump in the journey to get there." -Bad Boy Book Addicts

"I enjoyed every minute of this book! Once I began this book, it was difficult to put down to do anything else until I finished." -Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews